Presidental Analysis Of Hillary Clinton

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Presidental Analysis
The two major candidates that are running in the presidential election this year are Mr. Donald Trump for the republican party and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the democratic party. Hillary is wife of former president Bill Clinton. She was also apart of the U.S senate during the first part of President Obama’s terms and was a first lady for a little bit. She has a degree in Law which is where she met her husband. Bill and Hillary Clinton had one daughter Chelsea and welcomed their first grandchild a couple years ago. She has been in politics for a long time, she has worked with Jimmy Carter when he was in the presidency and has been a Senator. The second candidate is Donald Trump who is a known billionaire, who
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I would not say that those people are racist but they do not like how people from other country come here and we (as the working people) are supporting them. I do not fully agree with how Donald is wording his wall situation but I do think that our country should not let so many immigrants in all the time. Donald Trump says that he is going to lower taxes which would be good, but also a major quality that I see in him is the fact that he is a businessman. I do believe that our country needs someone with his experience in business to help us get out of debt which doubled when President Bush was in office. I do not necessarily believe that his personality is good for our country or even when it comes to dealing or trading with other countries. Although he has filed for bankruptcy multiple times which means that something did not go right in his businesses. When you are the leader of a country you need to be sure to handle everything with great care, there are many peoples lives at …show more content…
Hillary has been a little bit better at discussing the issues she plans on addressing as president but she still is quick to bring up the controversy regarding Trump. After her emails were hacked and the FBI investigated the emails, they found no harmful emails which is good. Although it is a little uneasy knowing that possibly our next president was so careless with what could have been top secret information. I think that might have a big effect on whether people will think of her as being trustworthy, honest person or not. And Trump should be able to sway the people’s opinion if he talks about Hillary’s mistake and not talk about his

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