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| 5160 – Global Business Vietnam Country Feasability Study | Executive Summary | | Adam MoranGunasekar GopalHari GovulaJohn O’Halloran | 2/24/2014 |


Vietnam, located in South East Asia, is a rapidly developing country with a dynamic and the emerging market economy with the population of 88.78 million. Major Vietnamese cities include Hanoi in the north, DaNang in the mid coast region, and Ho Chi Minh City to the south. Hanoi is the capital city, and Ho Chi Minh City is the largest commercial center. Vietnamese is the national language and English is the most popular foreign language spoken other than French, Mandarin and Japanese. Vietnam is a one party communist party and the government has recognized the
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We should invest resources to more fully understand and developed out opportunities in the area. So we should open an office in Ho Chi Min City. As we have learned about the current business climate, there is a personal prelateship ion the business relationships in Vietnam. Our best path forward will be to eventually create a joint venture with a local firm. IN order to be successful, it is important that we spend time on the ground in the Southern Key Economic region. We will have the opportunity meet and vet potential partners for a joint venture. In addition to meeting partners, we will also meet and learn about the local officials that will be involved in our business. Vietnam has a very pro-business attitude overall, however the personal relationships are likely to be as important with the representatives of the government. As the country grows into an independent country, it got influenced by Chinese people with power and money. By a majority of the Chinese leadership, the country adopted Chinese culture a lot like celebrating new year, myths followed during the new year like kids jumping as high as possible to grow taller or juggling coins in the dress pockets which brings up wealth and prosperity. Even though Agriculture is the important occupation of the country, the country got developed by highly skilled people with different skill sets in different

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