President Truman's Decision For Dropping The Atomic Bomb On Japan

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Q8. In my opinion, President Truman made the correct decision when it came to dropping the atomic bomb on Japan. Although I believe it was the correct decision at the time, I do not think it was morally correct, I am not justifying the deaths of thousands of Japanese citizens. However, looking at the facts and the current situation at the time, I believe that President Truman made the appropriate decision for the dispute at hand with Japan. In addition, this was not a decision that was made in a matter of seconds, President Truman and his advisors thought about what would be the best solution. Although it killed many Japanese citizens, it had saved thousands of other people as well.
President Truman and his trusted advisors looked at the statistics
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He was defending his country and his people. He gave the people what they had so desperately wanted, and that was revenge on Japan. I agree with his decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan; however I felt he could have dropped it in a different place. Explaining this further, the whole reason for using the atomic bomb was to end the war and for Japan to surrender. I feel that by dropping the atomic bomb on the Japanese military bases would have been just as effective, it would have devastated the Japanese military. In the end, I truly believe the President Truman made the right call when it came to the atomic bomb.
In conclusion, President Truman made the correct decision in using the atomic bomb on the Japanese. It would end the war quickly, especially considering the fact that the Japanese seemed to have no intention of quitting anytime soon. Before dropping the atomic bombs on Japan, President Truman warned the Japanese of our plans unless they would surrender. However, we never heard back from the Japanese; therefore, President Truman did what he had to do. By dropping the atomic bomb, President Truman saved lives, ended the war, and protected his country; he had made the correct

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