President Truman An Annual Military Assistance Program Essay

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President Eisenhower inherited from former President Truman an annual military assistance program to Indochina of some 200 million dollars and they were in dire need of a plan as to what strategic measures to take to insure some stability, or safety against the communists in Indochina (Kissinger 628). Eisenhower was left with some critical decisions between the geopolitical rationale as well as the American capabilities; he was also left with decisions regarding military strategy and morale (Kissinger 628). America was now said to have inherited the responsibility of securing Indochina. Eisenhower began pushing for reform in Indochina." In May 1953, Eisenhower urged the American ambassador to France to appoint new leaders with authority to "win victory," in Indochina” (Kissinger 628). France was supposed to assure the people that they would gain independence as soon as the communists had been beat. After the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu, Eisenhower returned to Diem and assisted in fighting the communist North Vietnamese once again in what becomes known as the Vietnam War. “Washington decided to take over the job of creating a modern, anti-communist, independent nation-state in South Vietnam” (Young, Fitzgerald, Grunfeld 48). He extended aid through deploying American advisers, material aid, and helicopters. Eisenhower also extended aid to Vietnam through several policies,
“He authorized the Commercial Import Program (CIP), which funneled American money into South Vietnam…

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