Essay on President Theodore Roosevelt As A Progressive President

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The youngest man to ever take the oath of office did the most to advance America. President Theodore Roosevelt was 42 years old at the time of his induction. Youth played to his advantage and the way he portrayed himself to America blended well with the times. America was a young nation and a young, virile leader signified who we were as a people. Roosevelt, a war hero of San Juan Hill fame in the Spanish-American War, was self-assured, bold and determined. As the turn of the century gave way to 1901, Teddy Roosevelt, who was vice president, became president and a new age full of possibilities began in America. Roosevelt was ready to advance the United States with his bold new ideas. Full of youth and enthusiasm he was considered to be a progressive president. Even though he was nearsighted, homeschooled had asthma and was sickly as a child he was a success. Educated in his later years at Harvard, he graduated Magna Cum Laude. He would not let anyone or anything get in the way of accomplishing his goals. Overcoming obstacles was a trait of Roosevelt’s and America’s from its inception.
He inserted himself into foreign affairs as the prime negotiator to end the Russo-Japanese War, which earned him the Nobel Peace Prize. America’s influence, position and prominence had risen and were recognized. The Roosevelt Corollary was an expansion of the Monroe Doctrine in response to the Venezuelan Crisis. He saw the need for implementing a strong foreign policy and…

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