President Reagan 's Presidential Election Essay

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“Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”: History and This Year’s Election A common phrase that people use is, “History repeats itself”. Throughout American history, there is a repetitive cycle of events like war, economic depression, and types of presidential leaders. This year has proven that this idea is true in relation to the 2016 presidential election. This course has educated me in the relation between past presidents and the 2016 presidential candidates, the change in progressivism within the democratic and republican parties since the early 1900s, and the role of Socialism and how it evolved though the decades. A renowned legacy and successful career is the upmost important aspect to any politician, whether it be from way back in 1791 or fast forwarded to one of today’s politicians. On November 4th, 1980, Ronald Reagan won the election by a landslide. Jimmy Carter’s popular vote did not come close in comparison to Reagan’s. He won over a majority of the American citizens and gave them hope for a new beginning; as did Donald Trump in the 2016 election. Trump won the election with a popular vote of 46.4%. Similarly, Reagan won the popular vote in 1980 by a whomping 50.8%. Both candidates won their election and blew their opponents out of the water. Like Trump, Reagan had a separate career prior to politics. “Born in Illinois in 1911, he had been an actor and television personality”, states American Passages in relation to Reagan (Ayers David Gould Soderlund…

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