Essay about President Reagan 's Career And Presidency

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Most know Ronald Reagan best for his acting career and presidency, but not many look back to his past and sees how his leadership roles started early in life; which is where mine starts. Throughout my life, leadership has always been a part of me, I have always strained to help others and try to lead them the right way. Trying my hardest has helped me make a great impact to those around me by showing them what can be done. When I was in eighth grade, a new opportunity was given to my class to take a high school course early, and I decided to be one of the few to go through with it, knowing it would be a lot of work. I started thinking about how this could be a benefit to me. So I then started to do some research on taking college level courses in high school. Being in eighth grade gave me a lot of time to adjust my high school schedule to work to my advantage and from doing all of this I now am going to be graduating high school with twenty college credits at no cost to me.
But how is this related to leadership? Well, since I did this, I now have been mentoring and inspiring many students from my school and community to get the most out of their education. Most students I talked to did not know or care about which classes they chose for the first two or three years of high school thinking it did not matter. Now that they have seen what I have done and how it will help me in life, these kids are learning that the decisions they make now will make a big difference in their…

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