President Putin And The Great Depression Essay

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The second and equally as important characteristic that defines a “Person of the Year” is Impactfulness. These people changed the world in their year and through their actions impacted it for better or worse.Time magazine people; Franklin D Roosevelt (34), Vladimir Putin, and The Protestor all changed the world in that year for better or worse and definitely made a lasting impact. Franklin D Roosevelt (34) was nominated for and seen as person of the year many times and there was no shortage of what he did in the world to change it. During his year Roosevelt made an impact on the American people helping them to get out of and grow from the Great Depression. With the New Deal and various other acts Roosevelt worked on immediate relief and was able to help many people quickly get out of the Depression. Spending billions of dollars, and boosting the prices of goods Roosevelt was able to help the economy back on track and reset the U.S as a world power. Vladimir Putin also impacted the world but in a different way. Taking over a failing country Putin was able to save and push forward the country. Being his last year as President of Russia, Putin focused on renewing stability and status to his country. He was able to grow the country 's GDP as well as cut taxes to help the countries people. By achieving this Russia was seen as a promine country and back in the top of world powers. Time saw that because of Putin’s hard work and impact on his country he should named person of the…

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