President Pierce And The Former President Essay

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Karolina and Anna approached the banquet table as fine ladies sat at the table and older men were milling around the room puffing on their cigars and discussing politics.
Close to the table where Karolina and Anna sat down, several men were standing in a semicircle around a short older bald headed man with only slight wisps of white hair. The older man was the former president. Franz Sigil managed to include himself along with Anna’s husband in the circle of men surrounding the former president.
Mr. President, will you be continuing to support President Pierce in his negotiations for the Kansas and Nebraska territories?” A young man asked to the former president. Newly elected President Pierce was attempting to compromise with the pro-slavery members of his own party in Congress to rescind the Missouri Compromise and allow slavery in new federal territories. The short round former president guffawed and looked at the questioner with a keen eye. An older man next to Van Buren smirked and said: “President Pierce, is not the future of the Democratic Party and my friend here knows nothing!” as he gestured at the young man. They all laughed, including the former president, realizing the pun the man made, a reference to the new “Know Nothing Party”, a nativist and anti-Catholic political party founded in response to the influx of Irish and German immigrants.
Sigel was listening intently to the former president as he discussed politics with is cronies, and began to shake his head…

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