Essay on President Of The United States

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Being president of the United States is a very public job and effects many different people. Becoming president is a very difficult task, and there is no such thing as the perfect candidate. The presidency is a very prestigious role in this great nation. Having such a public role in government can be a good thing, but it can be very dangerous. There are many factors that shape the perceptions of the presidency like each candidate’s views on trivial topics, a candidate’s economic plan, and a candidate’s relatability to the people of the United States. A candidate’s life before becoming president also has a role in weather the people of the United States vote for that candidate or not. It is impossible to have the support of every American citizen, but maintaining popular support is key to becoming president. Each citizen has a different set of views and beliefs that do not perfectly correspond with any one candidate. Overtime people of the opposing party have made ratings of the president become more negative. Some things that contribute to job approval ratings are political party, conflicts with other nations during one’s presidency, and changes in laws or policies while in office.
The political views of each candidate help the voting community to decide which candidate they agree with more. Knowing each candidate’s views on the trivial topics is a great way to be an informed voter. Being an informed voter is crucial to the decision making process of picking a candidate to…

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