President Of The United States Essay

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Ronald Reagan was born on February 6th 1911. He went on to be a radio announcer, a sports caster, and a Hollywood movie actor before becoming the Governor of California and finally making it all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to become 40th President of the United States.
During the eight years Reagan served as President, he re-defined the role of politics and the impact it has in a Democracy. He gave vision in America that brought a new sense of hope and a message of encouragement. In 1980, Jimmy Carter, a Democrat, was President of the U.S. and all was going as wrong as anything could. America had inflation of 18%, oil prices were going through the roof, interest rates were high and we had an energy policy that was wreck less and not well though out before it was passed. The U.S. downgraded its military powers and the Soviet Union was getting the best of us. We passed the SALT II treaty (Strategic Arms Limitations Talk) with Soviets in order to freeze our nuclear arsenal in return that they would build down theirs. However the Soviet Union didn’t reduce their nuclear weapons and the United States was becoming a laughing stock. America had hostages that were being held against their will in Tehran and President Carter despite every effort couldn’t free them. (Britannica School 1)
But that would all change when Ronald Reagan stepped up to the plate in what would be his 3rd and final attempt for President in 1980 to challenge Carter’s leadership.
Reagan was…

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