President Of The Country 's Foreign Policy Essay

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William Howard Taft, who was president from 1909-1913, transformed the country with new plans and proposals that were extremely different than those that had come before him. Previously, foreign policy had been defined only by the size and power of an army, but Taft sought to help other nations along with the United States. The most important idea of Taft’s presidency was the reform of the country’s foreign policy, the dollar diplomacy, that radically changed the way the United States interacted with other nations, as they went from strong military presences to providing economic support in the form of loans to other countries to improve relations.
Following a long line of presidents who favored a strong military in order to succeed in foreign policy, Taft decided that there was a need for reform. But before this, the United States had become a world superpower and saw no problem with constantly deploying its army. This started in 1898 with the Spanish-American War, and continued through Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency. Taft, who served as Roosevelt’s secretary of war disagreed with this policy and saw it as too aggressive. The United States’ military presence in other countries and affairs often ended up hurting the relationship that the United States had with that country. When Taft became president in 1909, he decided to break the precedent of an aggressive military presence and have the foreign policy take a more peaceful route, which he accomplished with the Dollar…

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