Essay about President Obama 's First Election Victory Speech

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Forty-four times during the two hundred and forty year History of the United States of America, Presidents have delivered their first election victory speech. Although some presidents serve multiple terms, the first term’s victory speech marks a change of political and national leadership. Unlike victory speeches of the past, the 44th speech marked a national milestone in the election of Sen. Barack Obama as the first African-American President. The social and political climate at the time of his election could be interpreted as pestilential. As the newly elected President of the United States, then Senator Obama faced the challenge of commemorating the historical significance of his election, stating the need to heal a divided nation, consoling the spirits of opposition voters, and quelling fears associated with gravity of a significant national milestone. Historically, the presidential election speech is used to address the initial challenges resulting from a hard fought election and to establish consubstantiation among the electorate. In front of a crowd of thousands in Chicago Illinois, President-elect Obama claimed victory by speaking toward expansive civic spaces. From those who were in physical attendance to television viewers, radio listeners and internet streamers; he spoke with the understanding that the world would hear his words. Initially, Mr. Obama began his speech by recalling the shared ideas and principals of national pride. By exclaiming numerous…

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