President Obama 's 2015 Speech Essay

2056 Words Mar 17th, 2016 null Page
In President Obama’s 2015 speech to the United Nations, he speaks of the various issues plaguing humankind, and proposes solutions for addressing them. In his speech, Obama speaks regarding the necessity of forging international cooperation and reaching a high standard of human rights, in an effort to create a just and habitable world. He also forms a call to action against those who choose to trample such rights, and engage in violence and intimidation in lieu of diplomacy. Throughout Obama’s speech, he expresses various attributes of Liberalism and Islamic theory, through his respect for the individual, desire for cooperation, call for unity, denunciation of violence, and multiple other attributes. In his speech, Obama references the cooperative element that is supported by Liberalism, and suggests that such cooperation will lead to positive outcomes in the international arena. A tenet of Liberalism upholds that individuals would rather cooperate than enter conflict. This notion of cooperation ties back to Darwin’s observation that cooperation can be favorable to conflict. The concept of “survival of the fittest” does not necessarily dictate that the “fittest” survive because of their ability to engage in conflict. They quite possibly survive because of their ability to avoid and navigate conflict. “From Singapore to Colombia to Senegal, the facts shows that nations succeed when they pursue an inclusive peace and prosperity within their borders, and work cooperatively…

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