President Obama 's 2008 Inauguration Speech Essay

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President Obama’s 2008 Inauguration Speech
The inauguration speech by President Barrack Obama was just as memorable as the fact that he was the first past of African-American heritage to hold the position of commander in chief of the US. The president’s use of rhetoric as well as his eloquence and background both ethnically and socially created a rich mix that further cemented the legendary status in the speech he made that night in 2008. Specifically, it addressed the new president’s confidence in coping with the country’s domestic issues. Moreover, it renewed the role of the U.S. in the world. Primarily, President Obama’s address emphasizes a convincing vision by assuring the Americans that his government will return to a stable rule of law and steady ideologies of the American democracy (Obama and Jaclyn 5-7). An in-depth analysis of the speech brings to light Obama’s political philosophy of liberty and equality as essential tools for the advancement of the American society. This essay delves into the aspects so the speech that brings to light the liberal philosophy held by Obama.
The elected president endeavors to inculcate and foster ideas of equality and liberty into the mindset of the American people. At the backdrop of an economic crisis, Obama’s inauguration speech had to focus on ways it would help the nation navigate through the harsh economic environment; however, more importantly he had to address how freedom and equality could be attained in such an…

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