Essay on President Obama Is The President Of The United States

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President Barack Obama is the President of the United States. As the President has many duties he has to perform. One of the duties he has to perform is appointing staff members, the cabinet, and several other officials. In Article Two, Section Two of the Constitution it states that the President of the United States has a right to appoint officials. The Chief of Staff is Denis McDonough. As the Chief of Staff McDonough has to supervise the staff of the White House, control who is near the President, and in the Oval Office. He manages the communications, and consult with Congress. Before being the Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough was the Deputy of National Security Advisor. McDonough was part of the White House Situation during the operation that ended in Osama bin Laden was killed.
The Cabinet contains advisers to the President. These members are heads of different departments. They also are in charge of policy creation for their departments, and advising the President on various policies. The Cabinet helped set up the National Strategic Transformation Commission. One of the members of the Cabinet is the Vice President: Joe Biden. Joe Biden helps the President pass his agenda. Joe Biden helped pass the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act in 2008 in the Senate. He has worked alongside Obama to mend relations between the United States and other countries such as Iraq. Joe Biden helped President Obama by getting the Senate to favor important parts of his legislation.…

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