President Obama Is A Black Person Essay examples

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The readings confirmed my belief that the only thing that can actually constitute black identity, is not what one deems themselves, but how others and society in general reacts to a person. The Washington Post article laid it out quite clearly that President Obama is viewed through entirely different lenses when the viewer’s race changes and no matter what statement he makes or who he marries; people will still see and determine his race differently. This phenomena is not just something President Obama experiences, but every black person in America experiences. As a black person, it is not a privilege that we have where we can state that though we may look a certain way; we should be treated differently or expect that others will respect the fact that regardless of our skin color we have a familial history that would cause a person or society to interact with us differently. To the average American, when they see a black person, there is a set way that they react. It is either to be fearful of the angry black woman or brutish black man or to act as if they do not see our race and pretend that the biases they have are non-existent. Every black person I know, regardless of the front they may put on, knows that daily they have experienced the looks and disdain in voices that come with being born with having brown skin. Therefore, when a person has experienced these things and knows that regardless of what they have done in their past or what their families social status…

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