President Obama Has A Reform For Citizens Without Medical Health Insurance

1278 Words Nov 20th, 2015 null Page
In today’s economy, there is an outrageous demand for health insurance. President Obama has signed a reform for citizens without medical health insurance. Since the reform has been passed, controversy has been split into those who support it and those who don’t. Others believe that it will worsen the economy and the opposing side will argue that those who don’t have coverage may now benefit from it. Even though citizens should have a choice to a health coverage rather than being forced to have coverage or not have one and, pay a penalty. All citizens should have health insurance because it protects them from a medical debt and covers your health and any emergency care.

Some citizens believe that they should have the right to decide for themselves. Even though it will benefit children, families, and students. The health reform is a way to help the families in need with low income of 128%. Many families will now have the ability to get medical care. If they don’t, they will now have to pay 95 dollars or 1% of their income tax. You may not be denied for previews medical conditions. It contains essential health care with Obamacare. This will help lower income people.

Citizens should have a choice to choose whether to have a health insurance or not, because some health coverage’s may be expensive. People don’t want to pay from their own pocket with insurance being so high. Many find it difficult to have to pay for insurance they many never use, in addition to pay for…

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