President Obama Barack Obama Speech Essay

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1,852. That is how many estimated speeches, remarks, and comments President Barack Obama delivered in his first term of being president (Knoller). Having gone through two presidential campaigns, and being successful in both, means he has had to give thousands of speeches. According to statistics collected by CBS reporter Mark Knoller, as of January of 2013, Obama has delivered 669 speeches using a teleprompter. President Obama is widely known for his public speaking skills. One google search of “President Obama Public Speaking” and articles with titles such as “Five Ways to Speak Like Obama” will show up.
On January 24, 2012 President Obama delivered his annual Presidential State of the Union Address to congress and indirectly to anyone with access to a TV or the internet, seeing as the address was televised. Roughly 38 million people tuned in to watch Obama deliver this speech on 2012 (The Washington Post). The state of the union address is when the President addresses congress reporting on the current condition of the nation and outline his legislative agenda and national priorities. This comes from what is written in article II of the U.S. Constitution stating that the president from time to time must inform congress of the “state of the union” (History, Art & Archives).
President Obama began the speech with a touching and hopeful story of how he visited “Andrews Air Force Base and welcomed home some of the last troops to serve in Iraq.” He followed this by asking the…

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