Essay about President Lyndon B. Johnson

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By 1968 American politicians committed hundreds of billions worth of resources and nearly half a million personnel to the Vietnam War. Which was a war based on fabricated research and statistics, blatant lies to the American public, and cherry-picked threats. Americans provided most of the financial assistance, resources, over half a million soldiers, along with an unlimited availability of these resources for the South Vietnamese war effort (Vietnam in HD: Episode Three). The American presence in Vietnam had expanded to amounts that the Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, had deemed “outrageous” just a few short years prior (Herring, 168). Furthermore, about two-thirds of American soldiers in Vietnam had been forcefully drafted (Vietnam in HD: Episode Two). With the media broadcasting the horrors of the war, most of these forced formers citizens and about two-thirds of the American public did not support the war (Herring, 211). When President Lyndon B. Johnson took over the role as president after President Kennedy’s assassination, he wanted to take a cautious, limited, but firm stance on engagement in the Vietnam War. This is because he did not want to become too involved with Vietnam to where the public would ask hard-pressed questions, and so that he could get legislative approval for his administration’s Great Society reforms (Herring, 136, and 138). He wanted to provide South Vietnam with enough aid and assistance to where they would defeat the North…

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