President Lyndon B. Johnson Essay

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In 1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson introduced the civil rights bill. He was broadcasted in radio and television. To some people the bill was motivation for joy; to others it had a different effect. the speech could be interpreted in many different ways, it just depends on the way that the piece is chosen to be looked at and understood by people.

The speaker is president Lyndon B. Johnson because of the year the bill was signed. From the piece I can tell that he agrees with what Kennedy had started and that he wanted to make a change "Proposed more than one year ago by our late and beloved President John F. Kennedy.". He also comes across as a very proud citizen because he mentions all the struggles that the united states when through and triumphed in " One hundred and eighty years ago This week a small band of valiant men began a long struggle for freedom." . That influences the rest of the speech because it makes I seem like he sees this obstacle as another thing that can be overcome and triumphed in. The president would have been in a radio station or in a television programing place, since the article is titled "radio and television remarks upon signing the civil rights bill of 1964". The historical situation is when minorities were being discriminated against. It affects the meaning of the piece because the setting in where the piece takes place is accessible my the majority of people; the message can be heard by the group being affected and they are given hope.…

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