Essay about President Lyndon B. Johnson

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In the words of late President Lyndon B. Johnson, "Education is the key to opportunity in our society". Not only is education a simple access to help the individual to excel to their full potential but it also helps the economy grow. However, every State has their regulations on the education system, which causes complications and a limited amount of support for some schooling. Though if there was a Federal law, all students would receive the same education and reduce inequality.
Every state is entitled to its department of education that is responsible for creating the standards that all grade schools in the state must adhere to. The standards set by the state are the primary focus of a school 's curriculum and tell the school what every child should learn and be familiar with by a certain grade. The school faculty and staff use them as a tool to focus on what students are expected to learn and provides parents the knowledge of what their child is learning through the school year. Standards spell out in details what is expected of teachers to do and what students are supposed to prepare for in each grade and each subject. Becoming the basis for the way teachers are educated, what they teach the students and what students are expected to learn on state standardized tests that they take at the end of the class.
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How did state standards become such a big success to begin with?…

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