John F Kennedy Response To Vietnam War

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The war in Vietnam was surprised and it happened in the mid-1960s and it had change the American political life. American tries to figure out why Vietnam attacked them but they could not figure out because American was peaceful and they do not fight with no foreign country. In the Vietnam War, American President involve only the public speeches and private letters. On the other hand, many American People support on this war to win. Soldiers got shock about foreigner attack on this war. In this chapter, it will discuss about president John F. Kennedy and Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, also officers and soldiers in the field and of Americans at home. Many Americans have a question about why soldiers were sending to Vietnam even though Soldiers were getting kill and suffer from their duty. Because of American helicopter pilot got kill in Vietnam, American people ask many question to President John F. Kennedy and official government office. has to explain why soldiers in Vietnam. In the following, this book will discuss about how the American people send a letter to ask a question President and how John F. Kennedy response a letter to American people. In February 18, 1963, Bobbie Lou …show more content…
C directs involve the military operations the Vietnam War than any war in American history. Making technology to easy to get an information and communication for political. In October 1966, Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara remind President Lyndon B. Johnson for the present position of the war in Vietnam. McNamara’s memo stated the misgiving of one of the most governmental managers of the war lead to the Pentagon Papers in 1971. Robert s. October 14, 1966 after McNamara went to Vietnam, he commended that they have completed slightly better militarily than he expected. They have been bombing the North 18 months ago but they could not break the enemy. Their enemy made them busy and McNamara believes that American will not win in the end of this

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