President Franklin Roosevelt's Involvement In The United States Into World War II

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World war II was a unique war for the United states. The united states of america

entered from the war as a world superpower and protector of all other

nations.There were many reasons why the united states entered world war

II,however president Franklin Roosevelt was in some way directly connected to every

reason.Roosevelt wanted to enter world war IIas soon as it started for political and

economic needs.

However, the American people did not want to enter in another war, such as world

war I, thet costs so many lives and money. Therefore, Roosevelt schemed a plan to

enter the united states into world war II that would change the minds of the

american people, including the direct aiding of great Britain, the German bombing of

a united
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With understanding, many people feel bitteness for

America’s involvement in the first world war. The desire to avoid foreign

involvement and focus on domestic issue was diffused.

When war broke out in europe, U.S president Franklin Delano Roosevelt recognised

that the conflict threatened U.S security, and looked for the way to help the

Europeans democracies without direct involvement in the war. This necessity

increased in June 1940, when the fall of France left Britain as the only democracy

standing between Nazi German and America. In 1939, the fourth neutrality act

authorised the U.S naval and army with belligerents provided that the countries paid

in cash and collected them.

In March 1941, Roosevelt moved further towards makings the U.S the send to

democracy with the land-lease Act,which permitted the lending,leasing selling, or

bartering of arms or battering of arms, communication and food to any country

whose defense the president seems vital to the denfence of the U.S .

Meanwhile, Churchill repeatedly attempted to conviRoosevelt to enter the war. At

the August 1941 atlantic conference, the two leaders composed a chart for the
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Churchill did not have to wait long. After the bombing of the U.S Pacific fleet at Pearl

Harbor in December 1941,only one congressman opposed the declaration of war,

the vote in the senate was unanimous. Hitler’s declation of war on the U.S, which

came four days later, was actually a blessing in dissguise for Roosevelt, it enabled

him to legitimately pursue a Germany first strategy. In november 1942, operation

torch,the invasion of North Africa become the first.

U.S military affensive of the war in the west. Allied troops slowly cornred forces in

North Africa, who surrendered in Tunisia in May 1943. The Joint British-U.S victory,

costly and hard fought as it was, was invaluable in mobilizing U.S public opinion

behind the war effort.

Even though in this describtion of the entry of the United States I described a lot of

cause for it to, but the United States involvement was not as much as the one of

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