President Franklin Roosevelt And The New American Spirit Essay examples

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For quite a few generations the American dream has changed. Usually meaning material, love and prosperity but for many this just stayed a long lasting dream. But, in the early 20th century, this hopeful dream started to became a reality. The ending of the First World War, the new president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt spoke of the “New American Spirit”. Americanism is an idea or dream that the country should be in an ideal place, having a strong president and other leaders is the only way we can make it through tough times, and America has changed immensely after the first World War and America needs to unite and become stronger.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt was an only child, and the son of James and Sarah Roosevelt. Young Franklin entered Harvard school in the year 1900. He was extremely social and enjoyed his academic studies. Years later, after being married Roosevelt began studying at Columbia University of Law and following began getting led towards politics. He was a strong democrat and always had to make sure his distinguished Republican relative (Theodore Roosevelt) would not speak against him. At a 1932 convention Roosevelt had a majority of the delegates but seemed guarded by a mix of the Smith and Garner forces. On the third and last ballot, Garner allowed his delegates to be thrown to Roosevelt; fortunately in return, Garner was nominated for the vice presidency. He was greatly known for his extreme Americanism and hope for the country, which at that time we really…

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