President Essay: My Favorite President

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Register to read the introduction… In my opinion most of the 44 presidents have been good to descent guys. But my all-time favorite is number sixteen the one and only Abraham Lincoln. Born in Hodgenville, Kentucky in 1809 he grew up to be one of the most influential presidents. He was selected in to office in 1861 until 1865 when he was killed. He’s my favorite because he lead the civil war, because he abolished slavery, and risen from the poor beginnings to become a president. Probably the most important thing he did was to lead and unify the country by choosing to go to war. With a firm conviction, Lincoln declared South Carolina's secession illegal and pledged to go to war to protect the federal union in 1861, that’s when everything went to shit resulting in the baggiest casualties number in any war which are 620,000 Americans. This war last four years and with Abe’s helped he drove the north to victory. One of the most important ways he did that was with a speech that was called Gettysburg Address where justify why to protect the image of the United States by not allowing the Southern states to secede. What an important turning point of the war and that basically when union started to kick the south ass. This showed everyone what an amazing president he was and helped him gain momentum in the war. The …show more content…
You can tell then that he lead the bloodiest war of the United States and won, and he abolished slavery making it illegal to own anyone , or and that he had a bad childhood and that later in his life he became one of the most know president to this day. He did all this in four years before being assassinated in the fords theatre in Washington D.C. By a man named john Wilkes booth a known confederate spy from Maryland. He fired his gun in to the head of the Lincolns in point blank range killing him after 72

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