President Elect Trump 's Foreign Policy Essay

1559 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 7 Pages
President-elect Trump has created a fair amount of controversy regarding his foreign policy proposals (or lack thereof, depending on who you ask). Some people have argued that Trump does not have any specific stance, and some people have argued that Trump would start a chain of events leading to the demise of humanity. However, many of his foreign policy statements might contain some merit, or some of the statements may at least contain connections to some theories and hypotheses. This paper will examine a few of President-elect Trump’s most prolific foreign policy statements and categorize them into different schools of thought. The goal of this paper is not to influence one’s political preference one way or another, but to provide a relatively objective observation. To do so, many of the foreign policy statements will be pulled directly from Donald Trump’s personal website. Other statements will come from articles which do not appear to be heavily editorialized.
The most general of Trump’s proposals is to “[r]ebuild our military, enhance and improve intelligence and cyber capabilities (“Foreign Policy and Defeating ISIS”).” While this does not directly point directly to any singular school of thought, it does hint towards realism, particularly within the context of Trump’s campaign message. This message is that the recent foreign policy choices of the Bush and (mostly) Obama have lead the world to no longer respect or rely on the United States (“DONALD J. TRUMP FOREIGN…

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