President Clinton Was The Second Youngest President Of The United States

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William Jefferson Clinton was born August Nineteenth in the year of 1946 in Hope, Arkansas and became the forty-ninth President of the United States of America. Bill Clinton was the third youngest President in the history of the United States and the youngest since John F. Kennedy to date. President Clinton was a fairly popular President with many good deeds in office as well as several scandals in which he was involved. He was a member of the Democratic Party and served two full terms ranging from 1993-2001. President Clinton was a positive influence for the country in the areas of economic needs with the lowest unemployment rates in fifty years. With a good economy there were some downfalls of the presidency in Clinton’s personal affairs including controversy with Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, and finally an Impeachment process that was second to only Andrew Johnson. Paula Jones was a fellow Arkansas resident who worked as a State employee during Clinton’s Government days in the state. She sued Clinton and accused him of sexual harassment. This was a civil case that ended up costing him a sum of money. The controversy started in 1994 a year after he became President in 1993. The incident was recorded to take place in 1991 during Jones’s tenure in the State office. Jones stated that she was lead to Clintons room only to find him exposing himself. She kept quite for three years which was found by some to be odd. After multiple court meetings not much ground was gained,…

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