Essay about President And The Electoral College

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When it came to drafting the Constitution, the Framers had different options and ideas of the ways to select a president and the Electoral College seemed to fit their society well. After all, politics in 1787 was different than what it has come to be in this time. During that time, there were only 13 colonies, which are states, all of which were located on the Atlantic border. This made “national campaigns... impractical...”, because transportation and communication wasn’t well built between colonies (Kimberling 1). The founders also believed that “State loyalties could trump the best interests of a national government” which would make it difficult to elect a candidate with a national influence and that it would be difficult to elect a candidate with national prestige (Kimberling 1). However, if a candidate were required to win States instead of just the popular votes, then the candidate would also have support from other states instead of their own. This was a concern for small colonies, because they feared sovereignty of the presidency by larger colonies, since they have a much larger population ("The Electoral College." 2). The Electoral College is a process to be seen as a compromise between the election of the President by a vote in Congress and by the popular vote of the citizens eligible to vote (U.S. Electoral College 1). Among the Framers, there was very little support with letting people choose the president directly. If it came to letting the citizens having a…

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