Presidency Writing Assignment

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Activity 12 Congress and the Presidency Writing Assignment
Please post your responses in the assignments tool. My expectations are that you will write at least 4-5 informed paragraphs (each paragraph being 5-6 sentences) for the essay questions, and at least one paragraph for the short answers. The questions will come from the text and from my notes of important literatures and concepts in American government. When answering questions, I would urge you to provide a good background of the issue in your responses. Then go about demonstrating your points with specific examples and substantial evidence. Each unit assignment will be worth 20 points or about 10 percent of your grade.

Essay (Please answer only one essay question): 8 points

The executive
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The heads of executive departments are usually loyal to the president, so they are always trusted by the president. There is a kind of cabinet called kitchen cabinets to describe the informal groups of unofficial advisers. It originated from the presidenct of Andrew Jackson who used to met the counsel of close friends in the kitchen of the White House (Sidlow & Henschen, 284). The counsel of president Obama is a large number of in-house “czars”, in which each of czar responsible for a certain policy area. The critics argued the czar may undercut the authority of cabinet member. Cabinet can constrain president in that the president could be deemed incapacitated if the majority of the cabinet and the vice president declare that the president is …show more content…
There are two kinds of leadership position in Congress. The first one is the house leadership. It includes the Speaker of the House, the majority leader of the House and the minority leader of the House. The Speaker of the House have various powers such as presiding over the sessions of the House, making important committee assignments and schedule bills for action. The job of the majority leader is to help plan the legislative program and make sure the chairpersons finish work on bill that are important to the party (Sidlow & Henschen, 248). The duty of the minority party is to maintain solidarity within the minority party. The second one is the senate leadership.
The president pro tempore is elected by all the senators to preside over the Senate. “The real power in the Senate is held by the majority leader, the minority leader, and their whips” (Sidlow & Henschen, 249).

Describe the various types of committees in

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