Preserving Nature Through Desert Solitaire And Being Caribou Essay

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Preserving Nature through Desert Solitaire and Being Caribou
Both Edward Abbey’s memoir Desert Solitaire and Leanne Allison’s documentary Being Caribou were written for the purpose of preserving nature. In Desert Solitaire, Abbey is trying to preserve the deserts in the southwest region of the United States. Whereas, in Being Caribou, Allison wants to protect the caribous located in Alaska, where the government wants to drill for oil and destroy their sacred calving grounds. Even though they are both fighting to help the wildlife and nature, they use different techniques to achieve their common goal. Abbey used a memoir to criticize society and create a feeling of melancholy and remorse, while Allison made a documentary film to create consciousness and affection towards the caribous to help her protect them.
Abbey’s purpose of his memoir Desert Solitaire is to awaken the people and make them more conscious about nature and the wildlife. He invites us to appreciate nature in its pure natural form without being altered by humans. He picks all his best experiences as a park ranger at the Arches National Monument and recounts them in this memoir because he wants us to keep them alive. Most of what he wrote is already gone or it is nearly extinct and he wants us to do something about it. This is clearly stated in his last thoughts of the introduction were he states “You’re holding a tombstone in your hands. A bloody rock. Don’t drop it on your foot—throw it at something big and…

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