Preserving Cultural Heritage- Only the Truth Can Set Them Free

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Comparative Analysis of Two Texts

Preserving Cultural Heritage- Only the Truth Can Set Them Free
Individual heritage can and does shape generations to come. Americans, for the most part, accept this as an important and necessary ingredient in the fabric which sets us apart from other cultures in the world. It is a heritage that is uniquely ours. Cultural traditions and stories provide a basis upon which generations to come can connect to all the factors that have shaped how they are living today. The next generation learns from the last and ancestral stories are repeated, passed down and incorporated into the fabric of the uniqueness of individuals within a
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American colonist made slave trading a booming industry in the early history of our nation and as a result America’s wealth grew tremendously. Ironically it was a black man named Anthony Johnson of Virginia who first introduced permanent black slavery in the 1650s to America. (Billings) The debate on the justice of slavery began almost immediately and finally brought our nation to Civil War. That debate continued long after the cease fire was ended and slavery was made illegal in America. It became a public forum for our nation in the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s. America has openly had these debates, in so doing those discussions became a catalyst for the freedom of Angelou’s African Americans.
The need for westward expansion was promoted by our nation’s policy makers at nearly the same time as the Civil War. In 1862 Abraham Lincoln signed into law, after the secession of southern states, another form of servitude which would benefit and grow America’s wealth. “A homesteader had only to be the head of a household or at least 21 years of age to claim a 160 acre parcel of land. Each homesteader had to live on the land, build a home, and make improvements and farm for 5 years before they were eligible to “prove up.” To actually claim legal title to land at the end of five years, homesteaders had to complete a "Proving up Form." They had to prove that the improvements required had been done and have two neighbors, willing to swear to

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