Essay on Preservation And Preservation Of Restoration

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What is environmental restoration? “To restore disturbed land is to return it to its “original” condition prior to damage or disturbance by human beings” (Pitcher and Welchman, 260). In society’s modern day decisions and environmental ethics, the term restoration is used ubiquitously. Perhaps restoration gets confused with other preservation approaches noted and distinguished by Pitcher and Welchman as reclamation and rewilding. Reclamation is bringing land to a state that has equivalent use to the original state, but is not the original use. Rewinding the land removes all human aspects in attempt to remove the presence of humans and make the environment rarer and less accessible. While this definition of restoration holds the idea of fixing human input, restoration has formed a new connotation with an area being restored to a way in which humans can utilize it and value it more for their own convenience. One finds this misguided use of restoration evident in two cases. The first, case A, being the concept of restoring wetlands while controlling mosquito populations. In this situation, humans are not actually restoring the land back to the previous environmental state. Rather we are creating something similar but more convenient to us as we eliminate the aspect we dislike the most. The second case of restoration is the proposal to restoring a woods by placing plastic trees where the living ones used. Again, this would also involve creating something somewhat ascetically…

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