Presenting Needs And Initial Intake Essay

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Presenting Needs and Initial Intake:

Our holistic work with community members begins with our Direct Service Network. Upon arrival at the Panacea Institute for Equality in Education, families are greeted with a “pre-screen” process to determine their presenting need. At this initial entry point, education challenges supersede all other family challenges. The support staff responsible for the prescreening process will determine the severity of the educational challenge and will determine how to proceed from two possibilities.
The first possibility is time-sensitive and requires immediate intervention. It requires the child have grave education barriers like attendance, behavioral issues and egregious academic performance causing academic decline. The second possibility is not time sensitive and the family will be scheduled for a later date and instructed to provide documentation to address the issue during a more structured process. This second option requires that family inquire about academic support and show interest in enrolling their child into our academic and enrichment program.
Once a family presents a grave education barrier, they are immediately seen by an education advocate who performs a “needs assessment”. The “needs assessment” is a combination of both an intake, which includes all necessary information about the family’s basic information, the child’s school, the child’s academic grades and their attendance history. The “needs assessment” component…

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