Presentation Of Self And Everyday Life By Erving Goffman Essay

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“Presentation of self in Everyday Life” written by Erving Goffman is, as the title mentions, about the presentation or the way people express themselves to others in everyday life. Goffman argues and explains that we have different impressions on different people and we behave differently in font of different people. The book explains every aspect of behavior and character representation in everyday life in front of different people that we come across in everyday lives, and the importance of impression management in front of our audience we tend to maintain the same impression that we started off with in front of our audience and it changes with every person we meet. The book starts off with the introduction that gives the readers a rough idea of what to expect in the coming chapters. The introduction itself contains valuable points and reasons for differences in human behavior and characterizes us humans as “participants” to the different “audience” that we deal with every day.
The main argument that Goffman puts forth in the book is very clear, that is, we always present ourselves to the world in a way that is desirable to both us and our “audience”, or in other words, peers. In this way, we are constantly acting out differently in front of each person we speak to, or as Goffman calls it as playing a “social role”, no matter how brief the interaction is. We generally tend to disclose a more “idealized face” to the audience that we are not very close to while carefully…

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