Preschool Nutrition Essay

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Preschool Nutrition Service Project
The target population of this service project was thirteen preschool children with ages that ranged between four and five years of age. The gender distribution included six boys and seven girls with residence distributed between Porter and La Porte counties of Indiana.
Attention to teaching and promotion of good nutrition habits can have lasting positive effects on the growing child. During the preschool years growth is progressing at approximately 4.5 pounds a year, with an average increase of 2 to 3.5 inches in height yearly. Developmentally, advances in both fine and gross motor skills as well as language and play develop quickly in this age group. Proper nutrition is vital to maximize these
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2. Within the affective domain: The children will explain personal understanding about healthy foods versus snack or treat type foods as evidenced by sorting foods individualy during circle time.
3. Within the psychomotor domain: The children will demonstrate the ability to identify healthy food choices when given options of common snacks by the conclusion of the project as evidenced by correctly sorting both healthy and less than healthy foods during the game played in the project.
The agenda for the teaching project was as follows:
1. Assemble the children in a large circle.
2. Presentation of an age appropriate explanation of the food pyramid.
3. Presentation of each of the categories from the pryamid with a large picture, followed by placement of the picture in the middle of the circle. Also presented and placed a picture of “sometimes” food which included candy, soda, pizza and other related foods.
4. Passing various foods from all food groups around the circle to have the children touch and smell each food and identify the correct food group for the item being passed.
5. Read the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle (1969).
6. After the completion of the story, the children were led in discussion to identify some of the food choices of the caterpillar and asked to yell out if the caterpillars food choices were healthy choices or sometime

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