Preschool in Three Cultures Paper

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Preschool in Three Cultures
Ronhaly Avila
EDP 3004

Children learn to act in accordance to their culture due to what their parents teach them and what they learn in school. Different countries have their own way of cooking, driving and most important, teaching. A child who is in a preschool in America, will not experience the same cultural activities as a child in China or Japan. The video Preschool in Three Cultures Revisited demonstrates how preschools in these three countries teach their students in accordance to their culture. This video also shows different Behaviorism and Constructivism aspects for each school. John Watson once said “Give me a dozen healthy infants, well-formed, and my own specified world to bring them up in
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These blocks are about the size of each child and in order to use most of the pieces they needed to work together. Most, if not all children have played with small blocks or Lego’s. Since the children have this past experience with the small blocks, they use constructivism to use the bigger blocks even though they were bigger than what they are used to. Another example was when the teacher allowed the students to pick what assignment they did in class. The teacher would then guide them into a harder version of the assignment they chose. In the end, the students used constructivism to complete their assignment. I also believe this technique allows the students to work quicker and in a more independent way. Miami is a very diverse city. There are people from all over the world living here with their own cultural views, morals, and religions. I belie that behaviorism will allow my students to learn from their peers. This would be best for them in order to become successful around any kind of culture, even if it is very different from their own. Although Behaviorism is a great way for students to learn, Constructivism allows students to think for themselves and be more independent. I would probably combine a little bit of both depending on my students learning styles. To conclude, I believe there will always be more than one way to teach a child. Whether it is due to cultural differences, points of view or even learning disabilities. These

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