Essay on Prerogative Of Prerogative, By John Locke

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Prerogative in America
What is prerogative? The dictionary definition of prerogative is “an exclusive privilege or right exercised by a person or group of people holding a particular office or hereditary rank”. The author of Two Treatises of Government [Book II], John Locke, uses the power of prerogative, as a right the executive branch has to change and/or make laws to benefit the country. Prerogative is used in America today (but not always noticed), and for the most part has the same meaning today as in the past. But it does get controversial if the executive branch is using prerogative to help and benefit the United States. The power, prerogative has its pros like laws that protect the people, but also has its cons like passing laws that compromise our rights we as Americans have. Prerogative has influenced and compromised human safety, laws, religions, and cultural beliefs that are present in America today. Humans safety for Americans have been benefited and jeopardized by the use of prerogative. Our current president Barack Obama recently used prerogative to help low income citizens by giving them the right to obtain low cost medical insurance, known as Obama Care. President Barack Obama used this practice to benefit the American people, but as great as it sounds it has its negative effects. With the president offering this program, it helps because it gives low cost health insurance, but the money to fund this program has to come from somewhere so where does it come…

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