Essay about Preparing For Marriage And Family Life

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Preparing for marriage and family life

Marriage is the central institution of social life, and will vary as society as varied. Children adopt the ideas and ideals about marriage that are prevalent in their society. Marriage has a strong family basis. The accomplishment of this task is largely dependent on family factors which the school cannot influence directly (Havighurst, 1953). The best preparation for marriage and family life is the successful accomplishment of two of the developmental tasks previously described: achieving satisfactory relation with age mates of other sex and achieving emotional independence of parents.
Under Indian cultural set up, the pattern of socialization for males and females is different. In Indian culture during the child rearing a male child is expected to choose a suitable career for his future, whereas for females marriage is expected to be of their primary concern (Hasan, 2006). Most of the participants in this study reported their conflicts and confusion to enter in to a marital relationship. These findings are supported by another study which show that the impact of parental mental illness affects the children in several areas of life. They tend to have social deficits characterized by emotional instability, social isolation, difficulties in work and marriage (Weissman et al. 1997).
The main challenges highlighted in this task included social stigma, chaotic family environment, parentification, demeaning surroundings and…

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