Essay on Preparing For An Exam Requires Much Practice And Experience

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Preparing for an exam requires much practice and experience. With the correct research and proper techniques, a student can effectively prepare for a test. Using the skills acquired from research can successfully enhance a student’s test taking ability. One extremely stressful point in an adult learner’s life is preparing for a test. A student can rectify this by observing certain key points in managing their preparation skills. Tests are unavoidable throughout the process of earning a degree. They are designed to measure and evaluating a student’s level of understanding the material. There is a quotation from an important figure in my life. It directly relates to a person’s resiliency when dealing with test taking. In a speech by John F. Kennedy, he declared, “We have failed to take steps to improve the quality of education. Classrooms and teachers alone will not mean an improved education for all our children. We must search for new teaching methods, new classroom techniques, new ways of presenting old subjects and imaginative ways of presenting new subjects” (Kennedy, 1960).
According to the Center for Teaching and Learning American Public University System. (n.d.), the key to successful test taking is preparation. A student’s lifestyle and method of learning will play a large part of how he or she prepares for a test. There are many differences in each person’s learning style. Every test taker uses various universal learning techniques. One of the major factors to…

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