Preparation Outline For Informative Spe Essay

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Preparation Outline for Informative Speech
Pamela Carter
Specific Purpose: To inform on the history and traditions of Thanksgiving, as well as the new era traditions of the holiday.
As long as I can remember my family has always had food on the table and a family gathering on the fourth November in our home. We have all heard elementary stories of wood cabins and the Pilgrims and Indians celebrating thanksgiving. Though, I never knew the reason they were celebrating. Today as Thanksgiving is closely approaching, I am going to talk to you about the history of Thanksgiving, its traditions, and how our era and personal preferences influence the traditions in our celebrations.
First let’s start by learning the origination of
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C. The site states, “In 1827, Sarah Josepha Hale began a campaign to reinstate the holiday after the model of the first Presidents. She publicly petitioned several Presidents to make it an annual event. Though her efforts did not succeeded until 1863, when she convinced President Lincoln that a national Thanksgiving might serve to unite a war-torn country.”

D. According to it was not until 1941 that the fourth Thursday of November be the permanent date for thanksgiving.

Where does a turkey come into play? What are the traditions of this Holiday?
III. Thanksgiving traditions and how they came into effect.
A. The simplest tradition of Thanksgiving is to come together and give thanks. B. Thanksgiving is also known as Turkey Day. Why? Well according to, Turkeys just so happened to not have anything to do with the first Thanksgiving. They were fresh, affordable, and big enough to feed a crowd. Among the big birds, turkey was ideal for a fall feast.

C. By 1863, when Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday, turkeys had taken center stage at Thanksgiving.

IV. In this era we have added a few Thanksgiving traditions.
A. Alder says, “Pro football has become as big a tradition at Thanksgiving as the turkey and if your Thanksgiving celebrations are like mine, most of the football fans head right for the television as soon as they hit the door.”

B. According to USA today, “A little more than 60 years after

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