Essay about Preparation Of The Individual Performing The Test

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The procedure begins with the preparation of the individual performing the test, as well as the equipment the test will be performed with. The participant should have avoided any physical activity the day in which the test will be performed. In relation to food and drink consumption, they should not consume any large meal two to three hours before the test, they should be adequately hydrated, and they should not have taken any stimulants that may alter the results of the test. The technician performing the test should periodically calibrate the Treadmill Ergometer, calibrate the metabolic measurement system, measure and record the participant 's basic data and meteorological data, establish the desired exercise mode and protocol for the treadmill, orient the participant, prepare and attach required equipment for heart rate and blood pressure, instruct the participant of proper equipment use and how to prevent injury, instruct on how to use RPE scale and hand signals during the test, and have the participant complete a warm-up. To begin the test all necessary and any optional equipment must first be attached. Then the participant can insert the mouthpiece of respiratory valve into mouth and put on the nose clip. Then the participant should be instructed to begin exercising at the initial stage of the protocol and all equipment should be started simultaneously. All metabolic data are measured, displayed, and automatically recorded for the entire testing session. Using the…

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