Prenatal Stage Of Development Essay

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Conceiving a child can be a dream come true for nearly everyone, but it is not a stress-free journey. Most people assume that they will be able to handle all the responsibilities of being a parent, but many times realize that it is different than expected. There are no characteristics of a perfect parent, it is a demanding but rewarding experience and learning to be a parent comes with the difficulties that arise throughout the stages of human development. As a mother in the prenatal stage of human development, it is essential to stay healthy. A strategy to maintain health is to quit drinking, smoking, and other unhealthy practices. Upholding your health not only benefits you, but the child as well. Staying healthy can eliminate the toxic …show more content…
Your baby developed nerve cells in prenatal stage but only acquires vast neural networks after birth. They mature and grow physical, cognitive and social skills. In this stage, I recommend, you must guide your child in developing these skills properly by helping them gain experience through nature and nurture. During infancy, it is important to use “baby talk” to expose your child to language, because this is a critical period of time and the baby will never be able to grasp language if it is not exposed to it now. In addition, you must be patient with your infant, letting them sit, crawl, and walk on their own, while giving them tools like a mobile to assist their developing physical skills. As they begin to age, your child needs to learn on their own and form ideas of the environment with little guidance. Entering them into school will help them to develop from egocentric to having a theory of mind. This means acquiring the perspectives of others, rather than only seeing their point of view. Continuing to understand these theories, creating a bond with your child at this stage is also very important. To create this bond, you must be authoritative parents, which means setting specific rules, while being attentive to your child. Overall, this stage is about your child’s maturing physical, cognitive and social skills, and the strategy for achieving this is through nurturing them and also …show more content…
Throughout this stage, as a parent, you will need to support your child to create a healthy relationship. Your teen will be developing ways of reasoning, their own morals and creating an identity. Their ways of reasoning will become self-advocated, but they will be able to think rationally and form ideas to their liking. The actions of right and wrong will also become apparent through their development of morals. Most importantly is your teens identity, they will be experimenting with their sexuality and personality. As they attain these new skills, they may create difficult situations at home or in public. The way to handle these situations is to talk to them and make them feel supported and important. Although they may believe you know nothing, you can offer the best advice you have and try to prevent

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