Prenatal Development Essay

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Prenatal Development
One of the greatest things in life is creating a child and watching it grow. The life of a child starts inside of the mother’s uterus. The prenatal development of a child has three different stages: the germinal stage, the embryonic stage, and the fetal stage. The development process in which a baby develops from a single cell after conception into an embryo and later a fetus. During the prenatal period, the development is so rapid and all takes place within 9 months. Below I will discuss each of the trimester and the development.
During conception period women go through a cycle of ovulating. Ovulating normally happens two week before a women’s cycle. Eggs grow
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Once it is confirmed that a woman has conceived that baby has already started growing rapidly, nerves has already started developing. Pregnancy normally go through three trimesters. A full term pregnancy normally last between 40-42 weeks. The first trimester is concerned the most critical period during a pregnancy, it determines if the woman body is ready for pregnancy or if the egg makes it through the fertilization. Miscarriage can happen throughout the pregnancy but normally happens during the first 12 weeks. The egg or eggs that starts to fertilize, starts to grow rapidly. It starts to form a sac around the egg, which is called the amniotic sac. There placenta develops and this is where the nutrients comes from the mother and goes to the …show more content…
For the mother this is the most tiring stage of the pregnancy. The mother is well over being pregnancy and getting anxious to meet there little joy. The baby eyes are able to open and the baby will gain majority of his or her weight during the last few weeks of the pregnancy. The baby is still forming a lot of blood cells and is able to maintain his or her own temperature. By 37 weeks the baby would have all of his or her organs and would be able to survive on their own if they were born. At this point the baby is starting to prepare for birth by turning head

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