Tobacco Use While Pregnant Summary

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In the article Toxic effects of prenatal exposure to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs by Scott- Goodwin A.C., Puerto M., and Moreno I. speak about the dangers of using while pregnant. These authors article tries to target new parents about the risk they take when they take drugs while pregnant. They try to educate them about what the drugs can do not only to the child but also the mother as well. The introduction paragraph of the article the authors give a general over view of how being under the influence can harm your child physically and cognitively. The authors’ states, “…outstanding dangers is an increase in the number of cases of sudden infant death syndrome (P.121)”. In this quote the authors are giving a general answer to what could …show more content…
The effects that tobacco has on the fetus development are that it can cause damage to the central nervous system and the cognitive and executive functions. Studies have shown that tobacco can contribute to a child’s learning disabilities, memory, hearing and behavioral issues. The third section speaks about the effects of alcohol abuse while pregnant. With alcohol the main effect could be perinatal death and foetal syndrome. This is considered the worst risk possible because it could involve the child’s death. Another effect could be learning and memory defects to the child. The fourth section goes into speaking about the effects the cannabis has on prenatal development. Cannabis can deter the growth of the fetus that affects the central nervous system. In the last section the authors stated the effects of the usage of Cocaine during the prenatal development period. The child has a higher risk of being under weight at birth. When a woman is using she is more likely to encounter issues with blood flow to the placenta. This can cause a defect in the child’s growth. Also cocaine has negative effects on organs and systems in the

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