Premier Department Store Case Study

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Premier Department Store had use the User Business System (UBS) to ensure the business run smoothly and to achieve the company goals. The UBS system that used by the Premier Department Store include UBS Accounting software, UBS Inventory and Bills software, and UBS Payroll software. With the UBS system, the operation of the company becomes easier to manage because it is automatically record the company’s data and information. UBS system not only improves the company management system, but also increases the employees’ job efficiency and save the company human resources.
The UBS system is especially used by sales department and financial department which are accountant and auditor. The employees who are in charges in data and information preparing
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All the new recruit workers for the each department will be teach by the own manager or supervisor for the first week. After that, they will be done and handle the works themselves. Thus, they need to solve the problem by themselves or getting the help from the old employees to raise their experience and improve the skills. Therefore, Premier Department Store is more looking for proactive applicants compare to high education level applicants in the recruitment system.
On the other hand, Premier Department System had started to use the UBS system in the business because the old system has incurred a lot of problems to the company and make the company lose the profit. This is because the old system had influence the employees’ job performance and quality. The old system that used by the company is a manual system that need a large human resources and high skills and experiences. Therefore, the new employees need to use a lot of time to learn the system and it is easily to make mistakes and
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With the MBO approach, employees are judged and evaluated according to real outcomes, and not on their potential for success or on someone’s subjective opinion or view of their abilities. Because the company is more focus on the outcome and result, so the MBO approach is used to ensure the objectives and goals can be achieved by every

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