Prelude Behavioral Services, A Substance Abuse And Recovery Center Previously Named Mecca

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Prelude Behavioral Services—430 Southgate Avenue, Iowa City, IA (April 2016-Present):
I currently work at Prelude Behavioral Services, a substance abuse and recovery center previously named Mecca. At Prelude, I am a Recovery Assistant in the inpatient unit and am the first person that our patients see. I assist them with their first stages of recovery and sobriety and am a constant presence on the inpatient unit. I lead and assist treatment groups based on approved curriculum and help out with small tasks around the facility depending on the schedule for the day. Although some days can vary, each day I help the clients prepare meals together, I take them for walks, I am constantly available should anyone need someone to talk too, I provide breathalyzer tests to our Halfway House patients upon return to the facility, I perform Urine Analysis tests, and I make sure that all the rules are being followed. Prelude is a confidential facility and I help ensure HIPPA and 42-CFR compliance with staff, patients, and all outside sources. I also preform admissions and discharges. During admissions, I use the American Society of Addiction Medicine Assessment (ASAM) to assess our patients for substance abuse disorders. I then use this knowledge to help recommend whether the patient should go into our inpatient services, outpatient services, or our detox services. Our facility has detox services that is primarily monitored by the nurse but I assist the nurse in any way that I can and make…

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