Prejudice, Racism, Xenophobia, And Institutional Misunderstandings

1054 Words Dec 8th, 2015 5 Pages
Prejudice, an all too dominant feature throughout the course of human history, is still plaguing us today in a more inconspicuous fashion. Racism in the United States continues to negatively impact social stability due to media hype, xenophobia, and institutional inconsistencies.
Sensationalism in the media is a very particular form of racism that puts certain races in a negative light. When the media proliferates misleading anecdotal stories that benefit a political agenda, it easily breeds hate throughout the nation. Through these suggestive measures, the public is misled and is slowly guided to form prejudiced opinions based on misleading information. Polls being conducted by the New York Times and CBS News indicate that racial tensions are higher than ever with a staggering 61 percent of people agreeing that racial relations are worsening in the country. These numbers, the highest since the Rodney King riots in 1992, are only increasing due to media exposure of mistrust, brutality and the accentuation of racial tensions to attract viewers (Houck). Similarly, information collected by the Federal Bureau of Investigation states that in 2014, of the crimes committed based on any type of bias the “distribution of victims by bias type show that 48.3 percent of victims were targeted because of the offender’s racial bias (FBI).’’ However, 73 percent of these crimes are included in a form of media resulting in mass exposure to a small portion of relations between races. Thus,…

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