Essay Prejudice, Racism, And Prejudice

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In the modern world, prejudice, racism and discrimination are common problems in all of the society. Whether intentional or not, people sometimes discriminates against each other. It is just a natural thing that humans do because that is the way we are. Even though there are several laws in the prohibition of discrimination, racism, and prejudice as well as the fights against those bad attitude has been processing for years but it still exists in our society. For continuing the battle, we need to know and understand what people think about prejudice, racism, and discrimination.
Two days ago, I tried to ask my friends some questions about "What are they thinking about prejudice, racism and discrimination and how do they feel if someone be racist against them?" Then, one of my friends, her name is Emilie from New York who told me about her story that she was being racist at work. She said, a few years ago after working ten years at Scottish American (Insurance Company), she tried to apply for another job with accounting clerk position at an economics company. After many time-consuming interviews that lasted over a month, she received an email that she did not get the job. This was no big trouble to her, who said she was relieved because she wouldn 't have to drive farther to work every day. After a few days, she heard from friends who work in that company that she didn 't get the job because they needed to hire a minority. Then, it found out that the minority was a young…

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