Prejudice, Prejudice And Discrimination Essay

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While we as humans do share many similarities, we are also very different. The differences in humans often lead to prejudice and discrimination towards others. Prejudice and discrimination are two main problems that have been occurring for decades. The two are well-known causes of conflict, hate, and harm amongst humans (Spielman, 2014). Although the presence of prejudice and discrimination in people have improved over time, they still remain today (L. Verlaque, personal communication, October 26, 2016). One common type of prejudice and discrimination held today is sexism. Both males and females in our society often experience prejudice and discrimination every day. Prejudice is a negative attitude held against someone that is not based on reason or experience, but rather on the person’s membership of a social group. Prejudice relates to feelings and attitudes about a person or group of people and is often established in the idea that certain types of people are less worthy or capable than others (Stereotypes and prejudice). The attitude held is typically hatred or intolerance for certain groups. One way in which to reduce a prejudiced attitude is to interact with members of a different social group, such as those of the opposite gender (Spielman, 2014). Prejudiced attitudes against women are known to date back in history and still happen today. Women would experience prejudice for simply belonging to the woman gender.
The start of prejudice often begins in the form of a…

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